World’s most beautiful beaches

So, after what looks like decades of harsh and hellish we all are ready to embrace summers, after who will not like to hit the beach in some exotic place? No one. Since, summers are almost here we think it’s not a bad idea at all to plan a trip to a beach and therefore, we have compiled a list of few of world’s most gorgeous beaches with clear blue, chilly water below even clearer sky, and a coast of soft, white sand. It would be a heaven!

And to help you get a clearer idea of exactly what kind of beaches you should hit up this summer, we compiled a list.

Plage de Tahiti

Located in St.Tropez France, this nude beach became all the rage in the 70’s when all the celebrities headed here for vacations. And that’s exactly why it made to our list of world’s sexiest beaches. With it’s shady coconut trees and light blue water, Plage De Tahiti is quite a fantasy.

Baia do Sancho

Baia Do Sancho is located in Noronha, Brazil this beach is your escape from all the miseries of the world and an entrance to a world of pure bliss and beauty. Turquoise water, palm trees along with coral reefs, yep that’s just the starting of these beautiful beaches in Brazil. You can also plan a trip here during the world cup in 2016, it’s a win win!

Bahia Gardner

Set among four million year old volcanic mountains, in the Espanola Islands, Galapagos these beaches are known for their exotic species of red lava lizards, sea lions and Spanish mockingbirds. You can also find the blue footed booby birds here. But the thing that really gives these beaches a fascinating reputation is the sparkling water which turns bright blue during the night.

Paradise Beach

Living up to its name, Paradise beach in Mykonos Greece has the softest and the whitest sand in the world making it a number one spot for parties and other hot events. And that’s why this beach is the number one choice of party lovers when it comes to just chilling down.

So, if you can do visit one of these bitches as they all are equally beautiful and exotic.

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