Top Pakistani restaurants in Toronto

Pakistani cuisine is the extension of Indian cuisine and is known for its complexity of ingredients and simplicity of simply great flavors. And that’s exactly what the best Pakistani restaurants in Toronto deliver, a superb Pakistani cuisine with flavorful. Colorful and tasteful dishes which range from grilled kebabs to hot curries and pretty much everything from south Asian continent. Since, the Pakistani and Indian cuisine is almost the same, these restaurants s serve dishes that are a part of bot the regions.

Here we managed to find Toronto’s top Pakistani restaurants with a remarkable customer service.

King Palace

Having a vast menu which includes naan, rice, curries, kebabs, Kind Place is open until the late night hours and is a perfect place for your late night cravings. The unique thing about this restaurant is that they put few of their dishes in the glass display from which you can pick and then the food is heated in microwave or made right there.

La Sani Grill

A family owned business, this eating heaven has a fine selection of only the very best and most popular Pakistani and Indian dishes. The service offered here is very impressive and simply because the atmosphere in this restaurant is very relaxing and care free type. You can smell the rich aroma of dishes and the color spices in this restaurant and make yourself step into the south Asian world.

Cafe de Khan

This desi restaurant offers the modern version Pakistani cuisine . Here you can find a delicious, juicy, spicy steaks and tikkas dipped in creamy sauces and curries. But that’s not what attracts the customers here, the kebab rolls with utterly savory chutneys is the reason why so many people are dragged in this trendy Pakistani café.

Lahore Tikka House

A tribute to traditional and modern North Indian and Pakistani food items, this restaurant which is located in Little India has all your favorite dishes including all the yummy tikkas, karahis, freshly baked naans and everyone’s love; biryani!

Also, if you have visited all these restaurants your next should definitely be Silver Spoon. A traditional Desi restaurant!

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