Signs you are working under a horrible manager

If you think you have a bad manger hovering over your then you might as well be right or it could be otherwise. You are not the right manager you could be and are not reaching your potential. Then it’s not too late, having a reality check on your own skills and your manager’s treatment of your work could really mark some changing events for your life and they must be taken by all means. But if you keep on trying and see no change in your work environment then there is definitely something wrong.

Here we have listed some huge signs telling you that it’s not you but your boss who is messing things up and that it’s not too late to take an initiative about it.

They are not qualified

It’s true and very much possible that they got to the position either through pure nepotism or some office crush/ romance or anything at all but their own skills and qualification. And if you think, it’s you who deserves the position then believe in it, pull your sleeves up and start working for it even if you have to cut your current manager some slack.

They dictate and not manage

A good if not great manger manager leads his/her managing team and sets an ideal example for his team workers. But if they’re late or don’t follow the dress code does not mean you also have to follow them. There will come a time when they will become super bossy and unbearable but that does not mean you have to bend to their will, remember they are your manager and not your boss.

Micromanaging all your tasks

They might help you manage your task by helping you sordidly with every detail but sometimes this ‘help’ can become a little overwhelming and you might need them to back off a little bit to give you space so that you can do your tasks on your own pace. Sometimes, they might also think that they know your job better than you do and you must not believe at any cost.

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