How to escape misery of work

Imagine yourself going through the Sunday blues; it’s about 8:00 pm a kind of hot and humid day, you are unable to sleep, you have tons of work to do, tasks that you promised to yourself to be finished, just thinking of the fast approaching week is giving you anxieties, depression and pressure that you just can’t handle. When his happens every Sunday it’s about time you decide whether the problem is with you or your job of which thinking gives you the awful feelings that you simply can’t digest.

If everybody adored their job then we wouldn’t call it ‘going to work’ but that’s very seldom only a few lucky ones get to do their hobbies as work but most of us don’t and we will have to stick to reality which is going to work to earn enough money to do what we love just on weekend.

But unfortunately, for a good many people the workplace can be a misery hole and so much so that it makes you dead while you’re still alive.

However, we have compiled a few very helpful and fortunate tips that will help uou look at your job with a better perspective.

Start focusing more on what you want than what you want to escape

Yes, it works wonders. If you start focusing more on your goal and start living for it, you will have something to constantly to look forward rather than something to run away from. If you don’t have a goal, make one and focus entirely on it. Make your life revolve around. This will hardly give you any time to think about your work and make it look like just a part of something from which you learnt a lot.

Work more on developing your skills than serving your time at work

It’s very natural and understandable that most of us are just serving our time at work till we find ‘our way out’ to a better or more preferred job. How about you look at your current job as a test and learn the most from it? You can do it by developing and brushing all your skills to optimum level and gaining some new ones this will also make you earn some amazing freelance gigs.

Focus on exactly what conflict is you running away from?

What exactly is tearing your peace apart? Dishonesty, Pressure, Hypocrisy, Narrow mindless? These negative qualities are like cancer cells, they slowly but swiftly kill you and your spirit. If you think you are being subjected to any of these to any intense level then its time you start looking for a more morale job or if that’s not possible apply this trick; Ignorance is a bliss.

Dishonesty? Corporate greed? Hypocrisy? Allow yourself to wonder if these qualities are mirrored in your own life — or even in your mind. If everyone around you seems dishonest, are you being dishonest with yourself? With others? After you resolve your own conflict, you may find the workplace has changed or you have been catapulted into a new, more satisfying life.

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