How not to be jerk of a CEO

We all have friends who have quitted their quite amazing jobs because either their boss is a total jerk or the manager is just unbearable. Hearing these stories of our friends’ work life made us realize how much of a nightmare some can CEO’s is and to make sure you don’t turn out of one of them if you are a would-be entrepreneur and sink your company before sailing it.

Don’t make money your religion.

Be generous and practice giving, you can work for years to achieve a level of wealth but if you don’t spend a share of this money on yourself and others than you are simply just wasting it, you transfer from an entrepreneur to a ruthless money making machine which everyone detests and can’t stand for a moment. And we completely, get the situation. You spend sweat, tears and blood to achieve that level of competency but stocking it will only poison your mind.

Change your pattern- Pattern is lethal

People can go crazy and fall into deep depression if they keep on following the same routine every day. And if you find yourself being stuck in a similar cycle, then its time you think clearly and make some concrete decisions. Versatility and variety is very important for life and you lack it you will become dull, boring and even ugly! So, make sure you try different things everyday such as taking an unexpected coffee break, going for shopping, ordering some Chinese or some food that you have never tried before. Bringing such small changes in your life can bring a refreshing new outlook and will keep you alive.

Turn off gadgets and turn on your mind

We get it, running a business now a days is simply not possible without a smart phone or other tablets but this very technology can also be the biggest source of disturbance and distraction towards your creativity. Besides, having your head constantly in your phone can make you look extremely obnoxious to your clients and other people which is something you can never afford.

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