3 cars perfect for CEOs

Many people might think that getting any kind of car shouldn’t make any difference since they are only there to provide transportation but to some people like us the meaning is much more profound. Your car is not only your source of transportation but a representation of yourself and whether you admit ir or not how people perceive your representation as.

You can either go for an expensive, fancy piece like Lexus LFA owned by the CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison or you could go for some car more affordable and modest such as Acura TSX owned y the founder of facebook Mark Zuckerburg

Admit or not, if you are a CEO your car is greatly considered by your clients and partners and as it shows your taste and preferences in vehicles from which a great deal of information can be absorbed of your personality.

Below we have compiled a list of 3 cars that are perfect for CEOs and say a lot about their personality.

2015 BMW7-Series (the ultimate driving machine)

Who doesn’t love a BMW? It’s everyone’s dream and there is no surprise to know it is owned by most of the CEO’s and businessmen and the reason for it is that it offers you the best driving experience and quality. Their luxury Sedan and 7 series are the epitome of quality driving.

What does this vehicle represent about you? You’re rich and classy but won’t mind a little thrilling adventure.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (A car made just for the ‘boss’)

Starting from a price tag of $100,000 this Mercedes model is the queen of road. It is equipped with the most advanced technology and charged super engine that runs the car 17/26 on city and highway. Its 4.7L Biturbo-V8 engine produces 449 HP and can launch to an incredible speed of 0-60 MPH within 4 seconds. This car is nothing but class and its quality? A dream!

What does this Mercedes say about you? You’re a story of success and take nothing other than the very best.

2015 Porsche Panamera With 4 doors

Obviously, when you think of Porsche a two door, fancy, unaffordable car crosses your mind but that’s long gone. Introducing the new 4 door Porsche, this car starts at $78,100 and offers you everything your always dreamt of; luxury and adventure.

What does this car say about your? You don’t fear being unique.

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