World’s most spicy dishes

If you like living on the wild side of the life than you also enjoy eating the hotter, mouth burning spicy side of food as well! Spicy food does not just give you a strong burning sensation but it also gives a feeling of being alive through its splendid blend of the extra ordinary spices.

If you love trying out dishes of new flavors and cuisine then you will also love our list of below mentioned spicy foods that are a must try for all the spicy food fanatics.

Tom yum

Featuring spicy, grilled chicken, chili, herbs and seafood, Tom Yum is one of the spiciest dishes hailing from Thailand. This sour and spicy dish can be eaten as a soup or as a sauce with rice. It’s spectacular blend of spices and chicken make it one of the yummiest yet spiciest Thai dishes.

Suicide Chicken

Living up to its name Suicide Chicken is the ultimate Godzilla of spiciest dishes which hails from USA. This typical chili chicken dish contains a deadly combination of Tabasco sauce, small chilies and hot pepper flakes that make an unbelievably spicy combination of one delicious dish!

Jerk Chicken Caribbean

Highlight of the Caribbean cuisine, Jerk Chicken Caribbean is fiery as fire but is also incredibly mouth watering and simply irresistible. This dish contains all the highlights of the exotic Caribbean cuisines including thyme, scallions, cloves, and garlic. If you have never tried this dish you are missing a great deal on one of the most exotic dishes of the world.

Cau Cau

A popular dish from Peru, Cau Cau means yellow chili pepper. It is more accurately a chili pepper version of potatoes stew and tripe from Caribbean and other South American countries. Having yellow peppers as a main ingredient obviously makes it a burning hot dish that can only be digested by true spicy food fanatics.

If you really call yourself a true spicy food lover you will not hesitate a bit to try out these fiery hot yet spicy dishes that will set your sensations to the right place! Or you can visit Silver Spoon to have some of the most spicy and delicious dishes in Toronto!

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