World’s most iconic brands

Terming any brand ‘iconic’ is a big statement and it must be credible. It’s a lot of hard work, millions of dollars spend and incredible marketing done that proves for a brand to be iconic but there many brands that got to that level without any of the struggles and a big element that contributed to their fortune was their logo design.

But it’s not always true that having a unique logo would promise you heaps of unreached success, it’s often how much volume of exposure to public your brand received through nothing but expensive advertising as in the case of Nike and Coca-Cola.

With the above mentioned factors and doubts in focus we compiled a list of world’s most recognized brands with iconic logos.


Having hardly a logo that is a work of art, Google is one brand that is leading the internet market in not just in US but all the other countries around the globe. Google’s success is only partially contributed by its massive advertising and hugely by its visual identity; it’s incredible and unique products and its leading market culture which is a dream for many young college students.

The rolling stones

Rolling stone was the leading rock and roll band of 1970’s after Pink Floyd. Their logo, plump, red, illustrated lips with a tongue rolling out became a symbol for iconic rock and roll music of that era. This logo that was designed by John Pasche in 1970 is still one of the most recognized logos in the music industry.

Red Cross

Red Cross is one of those brands that although have a very simple symbol but yet there is something unknowingly mysterious and alluring about it. And most us have never really interacted Red Cross in real life but will instantly recognize its sign which is as the name states; a red cross.

Ralph Lauren

Having a weird logo with a man riding a polo horse, Ralph Lauren is undeniably one of the top and most iconic brands in not only US but the entire world. The logo defines much more than just amazing and posh accessories, it defines the classic fantasy of the ‘ American Dream’.

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