World’s most beautiful cities during Christmas

Christmas brings out the best in every one, the celebrations are the most exciting part of this festival but you can add more to the lovely fun of this amazing holiday by celebrating it in one of the world’s most beautiful cities that are known for the picturesque scenery they offer during the Christmas season.

Here we found the cities that are known for their beauty during the Christmas time!

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you love snowy cold weather than you will love the Frozen-ish cold this presents during December. The Yule town Christmas is shown here with a gorgeous lightning and a beautiful set of Christmas trees that are decorated in perfection.

Castleton, England

A teeny tiny town village in England, Castleton’s alluring beauty lies at its tradition of lighting candles during the carol service inside the historic caves. Moreover,, the rows of beautiful Christmas trees that are present every in this dreamy village.

Quebec City, Canada

Want an adventurous Christmas complete in the nature? Quebec City is your stop. This city is a haven for outdoors enthusiasts with great opportunities for snowshoeing, hiking, skiing and of course snowmobiling.

Trømso, Norway

Ah, what better than living in almost the North Pole? This dream like town gives you a stunning view of the northern lights and a fantastic evening. The day is only few hours of twilight.

Venice, Italy

With beautiful lakes and the beauty of Roman Italy, Venice is the most beautiful city in the world even if it’s not during the Christmas time. If you want pure bliss then save some money and visit this city during Christmas.

Santa Claus Village and Santa Park,Lapland, Finland

Located at the tip of the great Artic Circle, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park are known as Europe’s heart and the Christmas capital. Every Christmas these two parks attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to see the Disney like and almost too beautiful to be true Parks which are completely Santa themed and have real reindeers along with Santa’s shop and other interesting things.

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