Ways to motivate your employees

It’s easy to be a boss; all you have to do is just own a business and employee people. But what’s not easy is being a friend to your employees; it can be a little tricky when you enter the friendship circle with your staff. Although, you don’t really have to have a very open environment in your office but you do need to motivate your employees and for that you would need to step out of your way, ‘Sometimes’.

To help you out we have jotted down a few tips for you to motivate your employees every now and then. Something that is very crucial to have a healthy work environment.

Make sure fun is a part of your business model

Having sordid and serious work environments where everyone only communicates on the basis of their work duties can cause serious damage to your organizational behavior. And that’s what Paul Spiegelman implies, the CEO of Beryl Companies. This creative and fun loving boss holds ‘pajama’ and ‘dress like the 70’s’ days for the whole company so that everyone can come to work in a relaxed mood after a long period of blazers and skirts. Sounds, like a great idea doesn’t it? Your employees will be relaxed and work more productively.

Bring some crazy action

Believe it not but it’s the truth, bringing weird action and ideas into your work place can actually boost up your employee’s staff. So, if you have a meeting coming when you are to impose some new work tasks and projects it might be a crazy but a great idea to dress up as bunny or blast high way to hell on full volume. This will remind your employees to give themselves a break!

Let Them Rest

If you make your employees work 6 hours straight up then don’t be surprised when production and efficiency rate in your office is very low. Whether you have a corporate level business or small shop, your employees need rest, so give them a 15-40 minutes break where they can nap, eat, run or whatever they want to do.

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