Ways to make your coworkers like you more

Being new a workplace and be really sucky, not only do you have to fit in with your new colleagues but also have to create a good impression among them and your boss. And it can be a pretty tricky business, it either goes top, notch hit or becomes a disaster. So, exactly what should you do to make your coworkers love you to pits?

Just follow my tips!

Smile at them, even if you have to fake it

I remember at my very first work place, I never smiled or talked to anyone. Result? I was called ‘the ice-queen’. Learning from that mistake I can safely advice you to not to repeat that mistake, the lesser you smile the more unapproachable and distant you become to the people you are working with. They will start secluding you from office activities and might team up against you. So, avoid that and convey positive emotions by smiling if not a lot then a few times a day at work or be prepared to be called a humorless skunk!

Listen to your colleague‘s story

‘If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk’ said Robert Baden-Powell and this advice is a piece of gem. If you keep talking and offer minimum listening your colleague’s will cut you from their space and will eventually stop talking to you. Listening to people can pay off wonders, if someone mentions their birthday or a family gathering at their place then go out of your way and ask them how it was. The more you ask and act concerned about their life the more they will trust you.

Learn their tea orders and habits

One great way to get into your work environment is by learning your staff’s tea habits and although it may not seem of that much value these little things can really matter to them. It’s an easy ice breaker during the quietest days.

Don’t be the flirt that everyone avoids

Work is working and not lusting, repeat this mantra and follow it dearly. Everyone hates extra cheesy and flirty people at work.

Follow these tips and you should be fine at your new workplace.

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