Top Canadian cakes

Canada is a land of great fascination and utter beauty and its beauty doesn’t end its incredible and world renowned natural forests, high mountains, blue waterfalls but is extended to the lively life that flourishes in this culturally diverse country. And one thing that heavily influences the culture of this North American country is its divine and versatile range of desserts.

Whether you’re celebrating Eid or having a red and white parade on the national day. You can always pick one of these listed desserts to maximize your Canadian spirit.

Raspberry layer cake

Raspberry layer cake is the cake everyone hogs on to on Canada Day. This cake is usually topped by a beautiful maple leaf which is made by chocolate frosting or raspberries themselves. Frosting is done by whipped or simple cream.

Strawberry Blossom Cupcakes

Ever sought pure bliss, happiness and that magical feeling that makes you feel alive and appreciate life? These strawberry cupcakes are what that will give you that feeling. These cupcakes have fresh strawberries with a moist vanilla cake and a chilly icing. These little munchkins are perfect to snack over in summers.

Strawberry Swirl cheesecake

A stunning combination of swirled cheesecake and freshly seasoned strawberries, this cheesecake is surprisingly easy to make and undeniably delicious. If you get any cracks on the surface if your cheesecake then just top with nuts or fruits to cover it up.

Angel food cake topped by cherries

It’s a classic angel food cake with a twist of farm fresh cherries and cream. You can also add chocolate and other stuff in it such as dried nuts. This cake is loved by children and is the ideal thing to serve them at birthdays and other events.

Raspberry Lemon Cream Cake

A tender and soft sponge cake with a layer of lemon cream and juicy cherries, this cake can be ready within 20 minutes.

So try out these yummy cakes which are an epitome Canadian cusine.

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