Reasons why you shouldn’t be your true self at work

It’s hard to deny it, who wouldn’t want to be their usual bitchy self at work? Held together by minimum transparency and a hardcore originality! Why should you care if your colleagues think you’re too mean or too laid back? That’s who you are and as it’s said, always be true to yourself!

But as much as being ‘authentic’ sounds fun, there are a few really important reasons why you should hold back that urge and put on some fake ‘act’ all for good intentions.

Your credibility maybe risked

It can be tough to not be vulnerable but the best thing to do about it is keep it disclosed for your close friends and family. For example if you are a manager and you admit your depression with your juniors they might and most definitely will question your judgment and your lead. To be flawless and authentic you must show them a strong persona.

Your growth could become stationary

You want to be who you really are at work? That could be risky, what if you are an extremely sweet and polite person. Everyone would stomp over you and as far as take away all your opportunities. If you remain who you are then you are limiting yourself to evolve as a person. Amending a little change in your attitude every now and then could really help you get you out of your comfort zone and get you to new places.

You might take wrong decisions

Being too rigid and stubborn about your choices will lead you to very bad leadership decisions many managers would go for decisions which fit perfect to their values rather than the situation. This can be the start of your downfall. Sometimes, you have to keep your values, morals aside and go with what is best for the time.

Keeping these reasons in mind, you should bring is some artificial elements in your persona of work so only you can grow more.

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