Reasons why Canada is the most awesome country

Any day is a day to celebrate the fact what a wonderful country Canada is. And why shouldn’t we have the Niagara Falls, snow covered peaks, Atlantic Ocean, the best German bear after Germany and a whole lot of cool and diverse culture from all over the world.

But if these reasons aren’t enough for you to believe that Canada is the best country so we complied a whole list of reasons why Canada is the most awesome epic and friendly country in the world.

There are below

Canada invented Basketball

The game was planned by McGill university professor , James Naismith who was working in USA in 1891 during the time. And there is no wonder that basketball belongs to its home Canada, producing the best NBA players of all times including Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins.

Canadians are Patriotic

Canadians are the epitome of diehard and kickass patriotism, and they go to quite lengths to prove this fact. For example they would roar the national anthem for a free drink to sewing the flags on backpacks and t-shirts. They would do almost anything to prove their patriotism and according to a survey conducted in 2009, Canada is the fifth most patriotic country in the world!

Canadians are hilarious!

And who does not know Jim Carrey, Seth Rogan, Will Arnett, Mike Myers? These are the very few names, the list simply goes on and on.

Beautiful cities

Many surveys have named Toronto as the most beautiful city in the world and why shouldn’t it be there? The falls and awesome weather made it reach the list. It is also considered very good for quality education, healthcare and an amazing lifestyle.

These are only few of the many reasons why Canada is considered a lovely country, listing down all of them would be impossible because there are countless reasons why Canada is awesome.

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