Increase your website’s traffic by attractive blogging

Increasing your website’s traffic can be tedious especially if you run marketing or a technical business website. In order to get heavy customer traffic you must have a sound clientele which means people should keep visiting your website very often. Therefore, should have a consistent and a repetitive number of visits of users. For THIS having your website’s goods and services mentioned clearly is not enough, you must keep your users interested in your services by providing them with interesting content and information to read. Proper blogging can highly increase you’re the amount of your keyword usage and indexed pages ranking.

Read the steps below to learn how to blog properly in order to increase website traffic and rankings.

Use the right keywords

Whenever writing any kind of blog, whether it is relevant to your services or not make sure to mention the keywords that are relevant to your brand and industry. This would increase the keyword density and conclude in a heavier traffic.

Devout some blogs to your website’s keywords

Post some blogs that are solely aimed to mention the keywords of your website’s area and industry. For example if you run a digital marketing services’ website, make sure to insert the keywords ‘digital’, ‘marketing’ etc.

Interact with your readers by asking them queries related to your blog

After each blog, insert relevant and interactive questions towards your readers, asking for their answers, reviews, opinions etc. This would make your brand more approachable to them and they will interact with your more freely.

Link your blogs to other websites and posts

Create links that link your blogs to other websites by mentioning or sharing them. This would make those other websites to do the same for your blog and websites, thus increasing your traffic.

Insert sharing options

After each post and blog, insert sharing options for facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. This would give your blogs a much wide platform of publicity and popularity and will MASSIVLEY increase your traffic within a short time. People love sharing and will share about anything, so don’t forget to insert this awesome option.

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