How to stop being an asshole

For many years now, people have been accusing me of being an asshole and for a quite a many years I didn’t mind it at all and the reason for it could be my pessimist outlook of life or simply my low tolerance of people. The grumpy expression I carried everywhere added to my misery and didn’t help me overcome the negativity or let the positive energy settle in. But, thanks to some intense and tiresome struggle I left that phase behind. Now, I just a pretentious ignorant aka positive person!

To add to my history, my cynicism was so heavy that I got the leading role in a Christmas play of Grinch. Although it was an accomplishment to be casted as the leading role in a play on the other hand it was an awakening call. Although the many articles I read on positivity had very little effect on me somehow things started falling into pieces and brought me down to a whole new path of self-righteousness. Here are few tips that I learned on how to stop being an asshole.

Why did you adapt to cynicism

It is a lengthy process of being a cynic maniac, it starts from distrusting everyone for no reason and ends at you being insolent of any kind of change and discarding all the new ideas. This is where it bites you, being allergic to change and a lover to pattern can be a seriously damaging choice you make for yourself. You need to accept change because that’s what grows you for the better, otherwise you will be a stuck up jerk who is badly chained in a dark and seriously lethal cycle of lifestyle. Find out why exactly you started being miserable and then beat it up.

Admit you are a jerk and face it with bravery

Just like most problems, start resolving this one by first admitting it. Acknowledge your behavior and take some time out to reflect your state of mind. When you override the train of this process, ou will find the destination you kept on missing. The point, the reason where it all started and like a cancer spread all over your thinking process. When you catch this cancer, remove it!

Cut of the bad assholes and bring in more positive ones

It is a crucial action, after you start a flame in your life; it’s the negative people that give it fuel to spread it all over. You need to cut of this poison ivy from growing to much and replace it by some roses; fresh and beautiful. It’s typical of cynical people to surround themselves with other cynics and that’s exactly what holding you back in your cage. Cut off all the toxic relations and make some care free, positive friends. It works wonders.

Accept change and move on

Alas, forgive and forget. And if you can’t do both then pick one and move on.

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