How to save your money

We have all heard amazing and motivational stories about saving your money but when it comes to following them in real life, it seems impossible. It’s much like committing yourself in a relationship you just don’t want to. However, even if you can’t save all the money you earn, you sure cannot spend all of it on ceaseless things. There are a few easy changes that you can accept to keep a little extra cash in your account, especially if you look at your bank account and though ‘I wish I could do better.’ If these thoughts occur often to you, then this blog is what you need to follow.

Following are some painful but easy tips to save your money. Remember they will only help if you let them to.

Decide your meals ahead of time

If you are not organized enough, you will most probably end up with a huge bag of chips, two or three frozen pizzas, a big bucket of ice cream and some fat sausages every time you go to the store without planning ahead what you really are going to buy. But the twist is, along with a full shopping bag you will also have an empty wallet if you spend and the money you brought when you headed out for the store. And this comes with an aftermath of painful of agony and regret. To avoid this, always list down the things you actually need, rather than what you fancy for lunch and stick to buying those only.

Adjust all your heaters and thermostats

Unless you live in the world of Frozen, there is no need for you to always keep your heater on. Lowering down to a few degrees won’t hurt you and in fact lower your bill. Also, make sure you turn of all thermostats before you leave the house or go off to sleep.

Cancel all the memberships you don’t attend anymore

Unless you go to your gym or library regularly, there is need for you to keep on paying for a membership you hardly use.

Turn of all the switches when you leave

If you still think that a blasting TV and bright lights will convince robbers to not do their job, you might be a little too naïve. Turn off all those lights and switches before you leave and act smart.

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