How to motivate your employees without breaking your budget

You Know it very well that most of the employees in your corporation work very hard but it is almost impossible to reward them each time without disturbing your budget. With the right use of our brain, you wouldn’t have to use your money anyway. But exactly how can you motivate your employees into efficient production without spending much?

Here’s what we came up with to show you that!

Pass them a handwritten note

Seriously, it’s a very sweet and heart touching gesture, no matter how big of a bad ass you are. All your employees deserve recognition and acknowledgement for the awesome they do for you. So, it wouldn’t kill you if you pass them a handwritten note seldom not matter how short it is.

Make your hours flexible

Nothing absolutely nothing, not even money perhaps can be a better reward than a very flexible an easy to handle working schedule. It is one of the best perks you can offer them. Giving them a little easy to handle schedule will benefit you more than it would benefit them as long as they don’t start abusing this privilege.

Give them a break with pajamas

Just who does not love working in comfy pajamas with slippers on? The one thing that everyone detests about work is dressing up early and you can kill this pain by allowing your employees to work in their most comfortable clothing by having a ‘pajama day’. Try this and we guarantee you, the quality of your will increase my margins.

Provide them with free passes

Allocate them a free pass which allows them a certain number of free days off and they may use it as they please. You don’t need all your employees every day and you might as well give them a day off instead. They will literally love you for it.

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