How to keep your employees health and happy

There are somethings that no one wants to hear through the mouth of their employees, first is definitely ‘I would like an increase in the salary’ and second? Second is old, sleazy, dirty, contagious, ‘Sneeze’! Since the flu season is here unfortunately, you know very well that having yourself curse with flu and sore throat is enough, that you also have sick employees. Imagine half of your staff coming to work with red eyes and a sore throat. A nightmare! This would highly affect their productivity and further de-motivate them from working and finishing their tasks! Most of the people go to their work even when they are sick and why’s that? Because they don’t get paid sick leave days and want to save their pay but showing up no matter how sick they are.

They want to save their image by being a ‘hard rock’ who is not affected by the seasonal blues. But the truth is when you don’t offer them paid sick leaves, they will show up to work even on their most horrible days and this could not only lessen their own motivation towards work but other employees’ as well. And that’s just simply horrid and contagious. Not only your other staff can get sick but the entire flow of your productivity can be seriously declined.

To change this unhealthy and unaffordable pattern, you have to roll up your sleeves and get into action and compromise a bit for the health of your employees and the stake of your company. You can provide your employees with actual paid leaves that can be sanctioned from their vocational leaves or be extended on the basis of their good work and productivity. As a reward you can extend their paid leaves or paid hours. Other than that you can provide them with effective health incentives and benefits for the well being of your whole staff. This would only increase your credibility and not to mention your credibility. You can also run health programs and training which explain to your employees to avail their sick leaves by staying at home and relaxing.

So, develop this culture in your organization for a healthier environment and more productive work force.

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