How to fix your life

Do you every feel like you are stuck in a lethal pattern of a life and just have to get out or you’ll drown? It’s much like a driving a car that is prone to a lethal accident, first you feel things going not normal, then you feel like you are losing control , then comes the moment where you hit the car: DASH! But how can you save yourself from being a victim to such killer web? Here are a few practical and helpful steps that will save your from drowning.

Identity what’s drowning you?

If you don’t know what the heavy weight that is drowning you is, you may never be able to get rid of it and swim to the shore, in simple words you need to know the problem that is making your life so miserable. It could be your job, a toxic relationship, an unachieved dream etc. Find out what though ot fact makes you most miserable. This is the first key in fixing your life.

Find ways to fix that hole

First you have to know this that any problem, no matter how big or small is always fixable. If you are bored, you can read a big o write down your own novel. As long as you are using your brain for the right things anything is fixable. Moreover, you need to have an optimistic approach to your problem. Forget all the could-haves and should-haves and focus more on will-have.

Start working on it

You cannot expect to have your problems fixed right away, it takes baby steps and these steps can take months and sometimes years. Till then you must wait patiently and endure in good things in life that are worth appreciating. And the best time to start on it is now.

Don’t wait

Want something? Work for it, you cannot wait for luck or God to unexpectedly shower you with your dream. You must work for it and that’s how things can get done in real life. So don’t wait only work.

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