How not to fall asleep at work

It’s a universal experience, every once a while we feel ourselves being able to barley keep our eyes open and our head falling slowly but beautifully to the desk. It’s usually after lunch where the intensity of drowsiness at its optimum level and this is something we can’t afford. And if you are caught dozing off at work, you’re screwed! Not only would it cause you some serious work trouble, it will also give you a whole new period of depression.

If you find yourself being unable to hold the urge of a quickie nap then it’s time you consider swapping your usual midday coffee doze and take something more energy boosting.

Below you will read some extremely useful tips that will help you stay awake at work with more energy and more alertness.

Optimize your exposure to light

The more sunlight or any other bright light you receive the more alert and less sleepy you will sleep and the reason for this is that the light you receive controls the internal rhythm of your body and its intensity. Yup, science!

So, make the most of this scientific phenomenon and roll up all the curtains and open the windows to let the beautiful sunshine in. If you don’t have any windows then turn on all the artificial lights!

Listen to fast music

Listening to soothing music isn’t always the right decision; it can put you to deep sleep within seconds and you would have done more damage than you ever imagined. Try listening to upbeat rock, hip hop or pop to keep you more excited and if possible, sing along!

Water, Water, Drink lots of water!

Always keep a bottle of chilled water with you and keep on sipping it every once a while to hydrate you. Dehydration will kill all your energy and you will hardly be able to finish any work.

Munch on energy boosting snacks and drinks

What better reason to awake than food and drinks? Nothing! Believe it or not but eating a fruit salad of bananas, nuts, and strawberries with a small amount of sugar can do wonders. You can try them with low fat cream which is full with sugar, the energy boosting element.

Try these tips and keep updated for more incredible blogs!

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