Hottest places on earth

Summer is the highlight of the year, after a freezing period nothing feels lovelier than a period of warmer months to relax. But bear in mind, this is not the case in all the parts of the world; some of the places in earth are so hot that they make you appreciate the cold climate and give you a glimpse of hell. Yes, we are talking about some of world’s hottest place that you won’t ever wish to get stuck on.

Check the list below of these incredibly hot, hellish places.

Dallol Ethiopia

A ghost town today, Dallol used to be a small settlement back in the 60’s but since then all of its population left this African town when the temperature would reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit with its day time temperature often rising up to 100 degrees and that’s not all. This is just the average temperature, during its hottest days the temperature often reaches 105 degrees. Hot isn’t it? Another fascinating feature about this town is that it’s extremely close to lava point. Something which adds up to its heat!

So, in a way you can say that the heat is coming from all the directions, from the sun, from the ground from east and from west.

Timbuktu, Mali

With a rich history in the Saharan Trade Routes the city was once the heart of knowledge and scholarship and the biggest road to the spread of Islam in Africa. Even though, it still has some population living stably in the city the temperature can be fierce here so much so that it reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit. But, that does not kills this city’s fascination the great Niger River is only about 15 miles away and is a chilling escape for the dwellers.

Kebili, Tunisia

Kebili is a desert in central Tunisia. This town although fairly hot, is low in heat compared to the greater northern African Desert. The hundreds of palm trees here will provide you shade, cool water and a breezy wind. But don’t get to excited yet, the weather here often reaches up to 135 degrees where even the palm trees can’t comfort you.

So, next time you wish to visit really hot places make sure you don’t cross these on your way.

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