Health foods that are actually killer foods

There is no such thing as healthy junk food. Junk food is junk food and there always carries unhealthy components. The idea of unhealthy snacks has been accepted so much by the people that now they think they are actually getting health nutrients through the intake which is pretty misunderstood concept.

To clear this massively participated and misunderstood concept we have compiled a list of food junk snacks that are believed to be healthy by a great many people but in reality are just the chip off the old block.

Commercial salad dressings

Vegetables are the healthiest and the best food you can offer to your body, but they often don’t taste so good which is a problem on its own. And that’s the particular reason why people love drenching their food in salad dressings to make it more flavorful but the truth is most of the dressings are full of fats and vegetable oils along with a whole lot of artificial colors and chemicals. So, when you add these dressings to your salad you totally manage to kill the benefits you might be getting from the salad.
What you can do is make your own salad dressings or buy some healthy dressings such as Indian Dressings. Silver Spoon is a restaurant that highly values quality and to prove that all their salad dressings are made from organic ingredients.

Fruit Juices aka liquid sugar

If you actually believe that fruit juices are fruit extracts then let us break this bubble. You’re wrong, they are not they are mostly chemicals that taste like your fruit and what you really are drinking is colored fruity sugared water. The best way to get pure juices is extract them yourself through machines and top purchasing those packaged juices aka liquid sugar.


The whole reason why margarine was made was years ago was, butter was tossed away and declared as demonic due its high fat content and the health experts and scientists of that time started worshipping and promoting margarine. At that time margarine had low fat but now even though it still has low fat but it instead stuffed with refined vegetable oils and chemicals which is way it tastes so damn good. A research carried out by Framingham proved that people who consume margarine and more likely to die from a heart attack than those who consume butter.

If you don’t want to have a tedious list of heart diseases it is better you start avoiding these fake foods like plague.

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