Foods to eat during stomach aches

Feeling silly in stomach? Facing the need to use the loo every five minutes? Whether you are a sorry victim of diarrhea or generally feeling nausea, you obviously want to get over it as soon as possible.

Although, your doctor is the main lead to issue you the best kind of treatment and you must wait till the right period to overcome your sickness, till then you can follow our guide of easy food and snacks to make the waiting period a little more bearable.

Following are some food items you can have to make your pain a little more bearable.


Starchy foods, that are filthy rich in the amounts of carbohydrates including potatoes, oats and of course rice work wonders in easing digestion and coating the fine lining of stomach’s walls. And the best part about starchy food is that is easily digestible, that is, it does not stay in your stomach for long.

Therefore, keeping your delicate stomach situation in hand, its best you consume light boiled riced or mashed potatoes. And if you feel like it, add some spices!


Yes, bananas! The answer to every food problem not just messy stomach aches. Bananas contain starch and carbohydrates which aid in digestion. Also, bananas are incredibly light. You can always eat them in literally bunches to sort out your hunger pangs.

Corn flakes

They are not only delicious breakfast food item but also a great snack when you are blue and in bed.

Whenever, you are have end motions going and are obviously feeling starved to death along with incredibly weak. Hog on a bowl of corn flakes and enjoy life.

Apple Sauce

Providing you with high amounts of calories, applesauce can be a delicious treat you pamper yourself with during tummy aches. The roughage that is so richly embedded in apples can relief your constipation. At the same while blowing off your hunger!

So, hog on to these little delights during those enduring, long, and stinky stomach issues to have a happy recovery.

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