Europe’s cheapest city to travel

Who does not want to visit Europe? The cold climate along with absolutely stunning natural scenery has been the dream of every non-European including us. But the sad truth that comes with this fantasy is that European cities can be heart wrenchingly expensive for which you must be prepared to empty all year long earnings and savings.

But that’s not the end of your dream; we have compiled a list of some beautiful, less popular European cities that are much affordable and equally fun for you.


At a fraction of price of Rome or Paris, Lisbon the Portuguese capital offers you the complete European experience and just as fancy as any other Italian city. You can stay at a top notch hotel or a resort, hog on delicious food, sip exotic wine, and dance in fancy clubs. Pretty much everything you wanted!


Very similar to Amsterdam and Berlin in geography but considerably low in price, this city is a paradise on earth. You can easily find cool, vintage lodgings by a stream or a hilly slope and enjoy some delicious chocolates at a very good price. Above all, shopping here is really cheap, you can find designer bags, tops, dresses, jackets at a considerably price thanks to the first copies.


With an interesting and a rich history of 70 years, Krakow is one of the most interesting cities in Europe when it comes to sightseeing and pagan sighting. This polish city is a palate of beautiful colors and versatility. From Gothic Churches to fancy restaurants, from High priced resorts to extremely affordable lodges which are very friendly. You can live all your dreams here within your budget.


Right across Madrid and Barcelona and lying on the shore of Mediterranean sea, Valencia is a beautiful coastal city with sunny beaches and Spanish boats to enjoy with. Not only that you can stroll through the parks and gardens to have a relaxing time.

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