Beginner’s guide: How to calculate your mobile app’s success.

Brand development today is hugely based on customer management, brand image and of course your customer’s retention. And the biggest tool to engage your customers in your brand related activities is through your brand’s own customized mobile and iphone app that will drive the most customer engagement for you. But exactly how will you figure out how much of a hit your app is?

The answer to this question is that after the launch of your app the real work starts and the amount of work and devotion applied to your app after its launch will determine its success in the market and among your customers.

Below you can find one of the most crucial measures to calculate your app’s success.


Having an exact figure of the number of downloads of your app will not give you the complete picture of your app’s success but it will clear the clouds of knowing important information such as the main areas of traffic, and which location has the most number of downloads which will tell you where is your app the most popular.

Customer Interaction

How often do people use your app? How often do they scroll through it on their phones? Which area of your app are they most interested in? How much do they spend on each visit? These engagements, tell us all about customer’s interaction with your app and ultimately their interest in your services. All these stats will inform you which areas of your app are most loved by your viewers and you can improve these areas by embedding a more interesting content.


Retention is the period which comes after the complete installation and download of your app. It tells you how many of the users that downloaded the app actually ‘stuck’ to your app and still has it in their phone rather than uninstalling it. For example if 200 people downloaded your app in a week, retention will tell you how many of those 200 people do still have your app installed. Retention is pretty good in finding out your app’s effect on people after they download it and also tells if they were genuinely interested in your services of were well just ‘ passing time’.

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