Be productive- How to stop procrastinating and be productive

We’ve all heard this line ‘knowledge is power’ but let’s be honest knowledge is not power ‘applied knowledge is power’. We can easily make a lengthy argument of these two statements but in the end we know what’s true procrastinating or being inefficient will only cost you and you put end being in the unemployment line.

Being lazy is something incredible but you can’t afford that when you are in a risky market with unstable jobs. There you have to apply yourself 100% but exactly how will you achieve that level of motivation to full apply yourself? Here we have compiled a list of things that will help you become more productive therefore more useful.

Be active, Exercise

Giving five minutes to a quick exercise can actually do more wonders than you can imagine, you can consider high level exercise of Tabata protocol which requires you to jump for 4 minutes with 10 seconds of rest after each 20 seconds of jumping in a total of 8 sets. Believe it or not this unusual jumping would trigger huge amounts of energy and you will feel a new level of motivation take over your body. So, give yourself a natural intake of energy by these exercises or you can also have an intake of organic green tea to boost your energy levels.

Change your scenery

If it’s possible, try to change your sitting place in your office. You can try taking different task at different corners for example you can sit in light environment with music and light to read out your mails, check your emails etc. But for more demanding and detail-oriented work try to work in a secluded, private space where you are unlikely to find any distractions.

Change of perspective

Some people easily and efficiently complete all of their tasks be it how small or how big while others dread even the simplest work problems. It’s all a matter of perspective and how do we see the things as. Putting a little positivity in each task with determination we can achieve anything. Just say to yourself when you are surrounded by a tiresome task ‘I have to do this’. ‘I can do this and I will do this.’
This will seriously help you achieve motivation and you can perform any kind of task easily.

So, follow these activities on a daily basis and conquer your job.

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