Amazing employee benefits and perks you haven’t heard

Even though, classical employee benefits and incentives programs are crucial to keep your employees if not satisfied than at ease with the work, they simply can’t win against the perks some of the companies offer. Specially the Silicon Valley companies, in an earnest effort to make their companies the dream workplace the top notch Silicon Valley brands went to high ends to make certain their employees are happy and satisfied and for this they offered some impressive highly attractive perks to all of their employees. For example the perks offered by Google are one of the reasons why all young graduates and college students pin to work there.

Here we have listed a some companies around the world who are successfully providing their customers with high quality perks for which there is a ‘war’ among people to secure a job there.

Clif Bar

With a 40 feet rock climbing wall, incredible HQ office features and a highly artistic fitness center, Clif Bar certainly lives up to their tag line of ‘feed your adventure’ where they feed enough adventure to their employees. This company offers their workers 2.5 hours of completely paid time to work out every week in gym. Plus they also offer you a paid six- eight weeks sabbatical, if you have been working their for more than 7 years which is hardly a long time.


One of the best employee-perks companies, Airbnb is the dream of many young people and why is that? Because this company allows you to bring your pets in your pet-friendly office plus free meals and snacks for you and your pet! They also offer you $2000 to travel around the world.

Can I please get a job there? I can’t live without my cat.


Burton is quite famous for its renowned snowboarding culture within its office and therefore it’s a little surprise that they have their own headquarters in Vermont with one of the finest and most expensive resorts making the best ski spots for their employees and yes it’s free for them.

Zappos is one company that leaves nothing behind when it comes to caring for their employees. You can say that they are working for their employees instead of their employees working for them because not only they give you delicious free meals but also have an onisght gym and they also hold regular Weight watching meetings.

So if you want to work at any of these companies, better make a nice resume.

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