5 reasons why you should visit Iran

You are obviously wondering, why would anyone want to visit Iran of all the places on Earth. Is it even safe? Isn’t it in Middle-East where war is raging all the time! These are some common questions and thoughts that occur in every person’s mind when they are asked about visiting Iran.

But the answer to all these questions is, yes! It’s completely safe to visit this beautiful yet highly misunderstood country. And below are just the few reasons why you should visit Persia.

The warm hospitality

With ‘welcome’ being the most popular English word in Iran, Iran certainly proves to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world. Whether you are in the metropolitan Tehran or the more traditional Tabriz you will find extremely friendly people who help you out in every way they can. But don’t get too excited, this hospitality is only blessed to foreigners and not much to locals. Moreover, girls here can be really shy. Don’t ever make the mistake of asking a girl out!

It’s becoming really popular

Don’t deny it, out of every friend group the ‘traveller’ friend has visited Iran or is talking about visiting it. And the reason for it is simple, it’s becoming one of the most popular destinations because of its striking features. Being in West Asia, this country beats the stereotypical image of Asia and brings a new light to the culture. And that’s what attracts people the most.

Heaven for Arts lover

Whether it’s a majestic and a fancy mosque or a crowded barking bazaar, Iranian streets and buildings are a fine work of art with an elegant pallet of colors, tapestries and unique domes marking the city’s outline. This country is magic both inside and out.

It’s cheap

Whether you are living in a five star hotel or a small cozy lodge, living in Iran can be really affordable and safe. it would cost you hardly 8$-9$ to travel on train from Tehran to Tabriz and a five star hotel would cost you $40-$50 per night including all the room services. Plus the food here is extremely cheap and not to mention delicious.

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