5 easy work snacks

Try these easy snack ideas to help fight mid-day snack attacks.

When your brain is working hard and your body has been sitting stiff for a long time at work, your stomach always grumbles for food. To please your stomach you cannot just eat anything that you would usually have at home because you’re at work and there is a little option of items you can choose from however you can also not ignore the desperate please of your body for food because your focus from may stop altogether. Till you wait for your lunch time or your time out you can hog on to small snacks on your desk to not lose your mind.

Whole wheat crisp breads

These breads that also come in flavor of garlic and fruits are the quickest and the healthiest way to overcome hunger during busy, hectic office hours.

Packed Tuna or Salmon Sandwich

Tuna can be a real rescuer when it comes to extinguisher unexpected hunger fits that come up. If you are a poor victim to one of these fits, then carry a tuna or salmon sandwich with you to work just like you used to in good old school days. These sandwiches are not only highly yielding but also very satisfying.

Peanut butter and jelly

And what can better than plain old peanut butter and jelly? We think nothing can be and you must agree with us. This simple combination of peanut butter and jelly is the easiest and the simplest snack you can make and hog on.


Yes, Pringles can also be very helpful at work. We advise you to always carry a box or two with you and attack them happily whenever you see no way out of the misery of the work. They are not only a quick snack but also a pain inhibiter. How so? You stop thinking about work for a little while.

Fresh fruits

Alas, the food for the health addicts! Yes, fruits are literary the best hunger killer though they can be slow because eating a bowl of fruits takes way more time than eating a bowl of pasta.

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