4 world’s most stupid rides

Action parks are two things; either too boring or just too dangerous. And that’s exactly where us, the vulnerable people are most attracted to, things that are too dangerous for us, and therefore there is little wonder why crazy rides in amusements parks attract the hugest crowds. But some of these rides over did and went a little out of way to thrill their riders.

Here, we have compiled a list of 4 most crazy, insane, mad and dangerous rides that are better off only in fictional novels and not in real life!

The Kayak Experience

The Kayak Experience ride was the kind of ride that looked and felt safe during the start when a rider would carry his own kayak in rough waves with a rope tied under water. The real problem would start when the rider would reach the early midst period of the ride and start tripping or losing control of the kayak. That’s when you’re screwed. Other than fiercely felling into water you could also be electrocuted by the electric currents being generated by the wave’s machine.

Perilous Plunge

The steepest and the highest water ride in the globe; Perilous Plunge got a notorious reputation when a woman fell of her sear and to her death right down to 100 feet due to poor design and weak Harnesses. After the tragic incident the site was promptly shut down till newer cars and seats were inserted. Unfortunately, these seats failed too and the ride is still shut waiting for a better design.

River rafting ride

The designers of this ride and concept were obviously some incredibly stupid people who thought putting a plastic circular tube type thing with a bunch of passengers and an steering wheel would be an incredible idea to float in the river. However, their ‘smartness’ caught up and it was not long before passengers started losing control against the giant river currents and hitting their heads by the rocks and almost dying.

Cannonball Loop slide

With this lame and stupid slide, New Jersey’s Action Parked proved that humans severely lack intelligence. The slide, that was designed in the 80’s was enclosed fully and followed a trail of insanely loopy ends and path. The ride proved to be unbelievably unstable and jumpy by completely decapitating a dummy and a handful of poor employees.

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