4 tips on marketing your brand through facebook

You can now sell your products and services or set up an online business without having an official website on facebook, it’s the latest feature of advance ecommerce and is fast becoming a huge success among small entrepreneurs. Its newest element of an online shopping cart has enabled many small brands to pop up. But it’s not all that easy! With the increased number in brands you must play your game right to be the number one facebook brand or you won’t get enough clients.

Therefore, you need to start learning all the tits and tats of running an online facebook page of your brand, here are a few tips on how to learn a successful facebook page.

  1. Get your own URL
    Instead of the forever changing facebook URL, get your own distinguished URL that is related to your brand which becomes a standard of your facebook page. Put this URL that acquire on your brand’s email address and its business card. Make sure your URL is something short and not does not stupid for example ‘ Black Ink’ and not ‘ You know you love black ink’ which is too long and weird sounding.
  2. Get followers
    Obviously, before you sell your products you need someone to buy them, therefore you will need a group of followers that is constantly increasing in size by sharing, liking, commenting on your posts. Another way of increasing followers is linking and interacting with pages similar to yours, for example if you are an online shoe store there is not a better way to get more followers by sharing and liking other shoe stores’ page.
  3. Never spam
    We understand you are eager to spread your products and services’ word but please don’t over do it., spamming your page by posting, sharing ,commenting too much can be the ultimate downfall of your page and people will start unfollowing you.
  4. Interact with your followers
    If you don’t answer to your followers and blandly just post about products and services you are unlikely to increase the followers, in fact you might even the lose the ones you already have. So, always reply to your followers, answer their queries and interact with them. This will set up a really good market image and increase you clientele.
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