4 strange fruits in the world

We have all tried the common fruits such as bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches but have you ever tried any fruit grown in the wild? Exotic fruits that are grown in places we have never even heard of and yet are much more delicious than our expectations. Here is a list of one of the weirdest, oddest, yet exotic and delicious fruits from around the world.

Carambola (Star fruit)

Grown in the tropical countries, this star looking fruit very closely resembles a star fish and has very pleasing taste of a flavor that is said to be a mixture of papaya, orange and grapefruit.

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

A unique and night flowering cactus Dragon Fruit or Pitaya is famous for its health benefits and healing properties. This fruit has three species which are the Costa Rica Pitaya which has red flesh with a red skin. Yellow Pitaya, with its white flesh and yellowish skin and lastly the Red Pitaya, which has a red skin and a white flesh!
Dragon fruits are known to have miraculous health benefits and an ornamental skin with its flesh having small black seeds. This fruit tastes like kiwi or melon!


Native to East Asia, Rambutan are pom pom like fruits with a very rough skin and a translucent or pinkish white flesh which is very moist and sweet. This fruit is grown in many home gardens and its juice is a famous flavor for soft drinks.

Custard Apple

This fruit is also known as ‘bull’s heart’ and has been used for medicinal purposes all through medieval China. The fruit has a thick, patched, green skin and within is a white, soft, milly fruit which is very sweet and has black seeds. The leaves of the plant are used for dyeing purposes and the fruit itself is used for healing purposes.

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