4 Health myths busted

There are few health myths that are famous all over the world which we never really follow but never get rid of either. It’s as if we owe something to these statements, rather than tossing them away we relentlessly have them float around even though we never actually follow it, we don’t abandon them either.

After doing some lengthy and lazy research we managed to come with a list of top health myths that need to be busted for the greater good people.

Drinking 8 glasses of water

Seriously? 8 glasses of water! Real scientific research has proved that you as long you are having a constant supply of water even after a few hours you are going to be fine. And don’t forget that you are also getting adequate amount of H2O through vegetables, fruits, tea other drinks. So, it doesn’t mater if you live in North pole or the Sahara, you won’t ever drink 8 damn glasses of water.

Eating breakfast to lose weight

The only way breakfast can help you cut some unnecessary weight is that it will save you from hogging on a huge chunk of chicken or some other fast food later during the day, you simply won’t over eat. In no way will eating breakfast just reduce your weight as so many believe.

Toilet seats carry diseases

You don’t have to cover the toilet seats you’re using with toilet paper or other thing because they are pretty germ free. The real devil lies in the door knobs and the handles that have thousands of germs aka bacteria on them including nor virus or stomach flu. So, always cover your hand while opening the door or make someone else do it for you

Cracking your knuckles will cause you arthritis

Have you ever heard or seen anyone having broken bones due to them cracking their knuckles? That sweet, irestible noise that you get by cracking your knuckles which may annoy the hell out of other people is nothing but the bursting of a gas bubble which gets formed between your bones. It’s the popping of the knuckles that makes that noise. So, keep on crackin’ those knuckles!

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