4 creepiest places on Earth

Living your daily hectic life, it’s difficult to not to detest life and remember how many beautiful and stunning places earth has that are tucked in all of the world’s corners. Just think of it dark blue busy abandoned forests with a deep blue starry sky, clear blue lakes in which you can see the fishes swimming, heaps and rows of exotic flowers down the valley and what not. All of this exits and is reachable only if take out time and try!

Here we collected the top most weird, unusual yet mysteriously attractive places that draw us to visit them.

The Mutter Museum (Pennsylvania)

Ever thought of a place entirely dedicated to medical anomalies? The Mutter Museum is that place. This Pennsylvanian museum is dedicated to processed fetuses, bones, organs, skeletons, eyes and what not. It also has real like wax models, pathological specimens and odd medical equipments that will creep you out to the bones. It’s fine collection and creations of utterly surprising items has given this Museum quite a fascinating reputation and the interest of many thrill seekers.

The door to hell (Turkmenistan)

Living up to its name this gas field that was set on fire by the Soviets during the war is literally The Door to Hell. And now even after 41 years, this field is still burning with scorching, scary, scarlet flames that will scare the devil itself.

Varosha (Cyprus)

From a distance, Varosha looks like a beautiful, bustling with life busy city but when you really get to this tiny town, you’ll come to know it’s as dead as a nail. Yes, this city is a complete delusion and is truly an uninhabited resort city on the coastal side of Cyprus. During the siege of Cyprus by Turkey, its inhabitants left their homes and till today nobody resides there.

Hoia Baciu Forest (Romania)

We have all seen movies about a forest where people disappear mysteriously without leaving any clue behind and never come back. But Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania actually does to the people. Known as the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Romania, this forest has quite a notorious reputation for swallowing down people who have never be seen again.

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