3 things that you religiously to insert in your PowerPoint presentations

We know how stressful making presentations can be, especially if you have to present in front of your senior coworkers or worst; a fussy but potential client. Then you have to be really careful. You can’t afford having an awkward popup show up or worse have your power go out. These little things matter a lot and can either seal your deal or break it forever! Therefore, you need to make certain that you have everything on point with a minimum chance of error because those fussy clients and seniors would pick on anything to make fuss over.

Below, you will read 3 tips that can save you from deadly embarrassments when it comes to making winner presentations that will silence your seniors and win your clients’ heart.

Inserting attractive visuals

Whenever making presentations for any subject remember one thing; ALWAYS INSERT PICTURES. Yes, do it religiously because having plain old texts can be incredibly boring and would put the activist people to sleep. So, always put interesting off-topic or in-topic pictures to grab your viewers’ interests. The mystery of the visualization holds them connected throughout the presentation and they actually do listen tentatively.

Information should be vocal and not written

The truth is your viewers won’t read anything more than three to 4 words on your slides. So, there is literally no point of writing heaps and heaps of information on your slides when viewers don’t even read the first few words of it. So, better strategy is to concise it. Follow this mantra; Talk more write less.

Show your agenda

Your whole presentation would be useless if you don’t set an agenda to it. Having a presentation with no clear motive is pretty reckless and gets your viewers into a complete embezzlement as to what the point really is. Therefore, it is essential that you have a firm flow of slides with your motive becoming clear and clear with every slide. Otherwise, you can suck it up!

So, follow these tips religiously and tattoo them on your brain while making presentations that you simply can’t afford to mess up with.

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