3 reasons why you shouldn’t quit your job while starting your own brand

Apple’s founding designer, Hewlett Packard was working at HP while he developed the Apple I computer in partnership with Steve Jobs. And it wasn’t until he worked for Apple for 7 months when he gave up his job at HP. He then later obtained funding to further invest in apple and keep the company going further.

Hewlett Packard famously gave a very good and reliable advice to the business students in the University of Wisconsin Madison during his guest appearance there, he said ‘don’t quit your job because, the salary will be useful to pay your regular bills and personal needs.’ And he was very right because a research proved that people who kept their jobs while starting up their own businesses very more successful business persons and a higher rate of successful ventures.

Here are a few practical and reasonable reasons to stay employed while starting a job.

To test the wind before flying

Working 5-9 after your 9-5 jobs you will get a crystal clear idea of what’s it’s really like to run your business when you yourself have to be responsible for everything and carry out all the major functions initially. This would give you a reliable position of your company’s stance and its future potential and if you feel like your company is not ready yet, you can always go back to your old job and save more money all the while getting as much experience as you can.

Earn a living, pay the bills while you are still deciding

Whether you decide or not to start a business, you have to pay your bills and your basic other expenses. Having your job by your side will give you mental assurance of having everything in place and enough money to pay your bills.

Cuts your risk of failure to a minimum level

Having a stale job gives you a proper frame of mind to think clearly and you also have zero pressure of falling into financial crisis if your business doesn’t work out. The paychecks you get, you can always invest them in your business!

So, think of all these reasons clearly while you’re thinking of quitting your job.

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