2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 / C400 Sedan

In the past decade, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have escalated the products planner ladder and have not only revamped the top-shelf S-Class but also heightened AMG’s role by introducing fresh entry-level bait in the disguise of CLA-Class sedan and GLA-Class SUV. Although the heavy makeover of the past years did improve its looks it still failed to make up for its basic shortcomings. And there is no doubt that they have left the C-class W204 in Benz with its own devices. However, the 2015 C-class proved the best of Teutonic art and very tentatively addressed all its previous holes and deficiencies with heavy doses of technology.

One clear look and you can figure that C-class’s seed were collected from the same garden as that of S-class. Though, undoubtedly the C-class lacks some of S-class’s graceful pillar backs. You can still find strong remnants in its trademark Fascia, the sculpted long hood. Its smaller and more compact body portrays C-class’s highly fashioned rump and technical advancement as compared to the generous body proportions of S-class.

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