2 things you have to live by if you’re an entrepreneur

World is fast changing, the business process handled today is entirely different from the process that was used ten years ago, your clients at that time we initially learning about ecommerce and its products but now Ecommerce as used as real shopping. Today billboards, pamphlets have become almost extinct and have been replaced by Google ads, and other social media advertisements. Ten years ago your customers used to know about your services through TV advertisements but now Google pop ups and interruptive, annoying messages are doing that job.

Considering all this, there is no shock when you receive a call from a client who already knows pretty much everything about your company and its services, ‘Hello, StarMarketing? Yes, I want to know about your services even though I already know everything about it’. It’s a norm for you to have clients that already know tons of information about services. Social media networking has made digital marketing even easier and therefore much more deadly in terms of competition.

Here are 2 things that every entrepreneur needs to know if she/he is starting up new.

Your website is the deal sealer; it either brings the clients or drives them out

Regardless of what business you have your brand marketing needs to be simply spectacular and this starts by having a fantastic website that is only good to the eyes but also to your customers’ phone and other gadgets. Having attractive website design with fancy fonts and content will never be enough, you must also have a very smooth running website design that is highly customer friendly and works on every kind of device very smoothly. You have to give your customers zenith of an experience.

Your sales and marketing team have to interact regularly

Majority of your clients make their decisions about purchasing before they even talk to your representative. Therefore, your representatives must as much information about your goods and services as they can, so that they can properly guide and talk your clients into buying your services. And the best way for your sales team to apply sales techniques is by interacting and contacting your marketing teams who are pro in this area. This exchange of information would add to the skills of both the teams who could apply it in their respective tasks.

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